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We use two detoxification and purification programs.

1. HVS Detoxosode

2. Standard Process 

First off, how do you know if you are toxic or not? Simple, are you breathing, are you more than 5-10 years old, and have lived anywhere other than the top of a mountain? Then you are toxic.

No seriously, how can you tell if you are toxic? Look at your tongue. Get up and go look at your tongue in the mirror. If your tongue is anything but pink and “smooth” you are toxic. Many people will have the tops of their tongues be white, will have dimples on the sides of their tongue, and some will even have yellow or green on their tongues. 

This is also the same way you can most easily tell if a detox program is working or not. When you first start a program often your tongue will get worse before it starts turning pink. Like if your tongue is white, it will get whiter before it starts turning pink.

The Biggest Detox Myth – You DO NOT have to feel terrible to detoxify. Yes, many programs that cause the body to detox will make you feel like you were hit by a bus. The feeling of detox is not the best thing to go by. Your tongue is the best gauge of how your detoxification is going.

There are basically 3 different ways to Detox.

  • Fasting (or some combination with fasting)

  • Colonics

  • Specifically designed detox products

Fasting is the oldest and most traditional way of detoxing. It is even referenced in the Old Testament.

Nowadays there are Juice Fasts - where you drink only fresh squeezed vegetable juice. The master cleanse - where you drink a concoction of lemon Juice, maple Syrup, cayenne pepper and water, The apple juice cleanse, etc. They all involved drinking one substance and not eating any other food.

Fasting is very effective but can be difficult. Many people have never detoxified before so it will often take weeks, which is not easy.  You can also do it for 3 days a month, until you see results. You do not have to do it all at once.

All fasting type detox plans are basically equally good. So then it is just a matter of what do you want to be your only “food” like substance to drink while you are fasting.

The substance itself you are drinking is not so important as long as it is not toxic itself.
So if you are going to do a fasting cleanse, pick a drink you like to drink, and do that one.

Colonics is another detoxification method. Essentially, your large intestine is flushed with a saline like solution that cleans and scrubs your large intestine walls. You then pass all the garbage and toxins out. With a clean large intestine, it becomes very easy for your body to eliminate other toxins. 

This is often effective, but can be uncomfortable or awkward.

Detox Formulations: A third method of detoxification is through specifically prepared formulas. There are nutritional supplements, homeopathics, homeovidics & herbs designed to help stimulate the body to get rid of its toxins.

Nutritional Supplements are usually combinations of high doses of vitamins or whole food supplements that help support the body during your detox as well as stimulate your body to start detoxifying.

This is part of what the Standard Process program detoxification program uses.

Homeopathic. First, what does homeopathic mean. Homeopathic is literally water charged with the energy of the substance you are trying to get rid of.

Homeopathy was actually discovered by a sailor on a ship crossing the Atlantic ocean in the mid 1400’s. One guy discovered (by accident) that when someone was sick, if he put their urine in a glass and rinsed it out 5 times, then put water in the glass and had them drink it, they would get better.

Well now with quantum physics we actually know what is happening. In simple terms, everything in the universe is energy. The thing in your body that is causing you to be sick has an energy. And when you put that energy into a glass, the water will pick up and start vibrating at that energy. This happens by the same principles of the water studies by Dr. Emoto in the movie what the bleep and his book, messages from water. If you put “love” (or anything) on a water bottle, it will actually change the structure of the water under a microscope to be similar to the words put on the water.

So when you put the energy of the substance that is making you sick into the water, and drink it, your body is reactivated to that presence and more quickly gets rid of that which is making you sick. So you can prepare a homeopathic water like substance to also stimulate the body to the presence of toxins and get the body to eliminate those toxins.


Traditional homeopathy is a very hard science. Because you constantly have to be changing the “dose” of the homeopathic and the actual charge of the homeopathic constantly.

Herbs are similar to nutritional supplement formulations in how they work. They just use various herbs, which are nothing more than plants, mixed together in time proven ways that will stimulate the body to detoxify.

The only bad things with herbs are they taste really, really bad. Almost always. And I mean like plug your nose and you still almost want to throw up bad. Very effective, but often people cannot drink the herb mixture, and you actually have to drink the herbs to make this form of detoxification effective.

This is also part of the standard process purification system we use.

Homeovidics. The most effective and gentle on the body detox formulation I have found so far is the HVS Homeovidics. The HVS Homeovidics are like Homeopathies, but better. Unlike homeopathies where you have to keep going back for new “doses” and new types of homeopathic remedies, HVS actually realized they could put all the “doses” and types of substances to detoxify into one bottle. And your body was smart enough to recognize which substances you had and the body needed to get rid of. And which ones you didn’t.

And the best part, there is almost never any “Bad detox feelings” when you are detoxing with HVS Labs Homeovidics Products. And you get continue to eat what you want, no special diets. And the substance is essentially tasteless colorless water.

So which Detox do you do? For most people we recommend the HVS Detox Protocol Pack. 

If you start feeling cruddy, or have any other symptoms of detox, or you want to do the detox and purification to the max, we recommend you do the Standard Process Detox, Purification, and Healing pack. Th This incorporates food and nutritional supplement changes as well.


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