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The Master Key is similar in size and ease of operation to an iPod® Nano but with additional features such as custom eyewear and uniquely formatted audio programs created by experts in their fields.  Simply select the audio works from your favorite expert, put on your headset, and now the OptoPath™ eyewear, lay back, close your eyes, and be prepared for an amazing experience of learning and transformation. All of this is possible because of the exclusively produced audio programs and the OptoPath eyewear that allow the mind and body to relax and learn. And twenty minutes with the Master Key is virtually the same as two hours of sleep.

The Master Key employs Guided Imagery, a powerful technique used by top business people and athletes to excel in their chosen activity. It's how they create the strong perception that they are winners, and perception is reality.  This powerful technique helps you train your mental attitude towards confidence, motivation, and ultimately success. Negative thoughts and roadblocks are banished, and your good ideas that have been restrained are activated and empowered, and you instantly start to make the changes necessary for the healthy, rewarding life you desire.

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